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i-ntelligence Service
 i-ntelligence Service is a specialised platform focusing on service-based industries.
i-ntelligence Process Manager
 i-ntelligence Process Manager is a platform to manage the everyday business operations.
i-ntelligence TMS
 i-ntelligence TMS is a transportation management system (TMS) which deals with the planning, execution and optimization of the physical movements of goods.

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i-ntelligence IoT
 i-ntelligence IoT is a mechanical installations upgrading with automatic digitisation, breifing and recording of analog gauges/meters.
i-ntelligence Indoors
 i-ntelligence Indoors is an open door inside your office or store. Visual analysis using indoor cameras.

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i-ntelligence  is a software development company & digital innovation agency working with businesses to create on-demand digital solutions fit to their business model. Whether you're looking to develop new software products, automate outdated processes, or revamp your digital presence - our unique value is the ability to use innovative thinking to drive tangible change.

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